Villager Eats is a website designed to make it easy for Villagers to navigate all the dining and happy hour specials, menu’s and daily features in one location.

My husband and I are Villagers and enjoy spending time with our friends while dining out. Cutting out coupons and daily features became a new hobby for us. While cutting out a coupon one day, my husband said “it would be much easier to keep track of all the specials if they were in one place”. So be it, Villager Eats was created.

Like most people, we have a few favorite restaurants. But since we created this website, our choices of restaurants have bloomed. Why is that? Because now we click on our website and choose a restaurant based on the specials and deals of that day. For instance, if you are craving fried chicken, all you have to do is click on each day to see who has fried chicken specials.

We hope you enjoy our website and take time to tell your server that “villagereats.com” sent you.

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