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We love The Villages and everything it has to offer.

We created this website because we found ourselves trying to remember all of the dining and drink specials that are advertised but not taking advantage of them because we could never remember which day had what specials. We spent a lot of time searching the sites of each restaurant or country club which was time consuming. We would cut specials out of the paper and have them pasted all over our refrigerator.

One day, my husband said “We should create a website that lists all the daily specials and happy hours so at a moment’s notice we can view the specials with just a click of a mouse”. So here we are.

We were the typical villager that favored 2 or 3 restaurants and that is where we spent our time. Now……we go where the deals our. Because we are saving money, we find ourselves eating out more often.

We hope you enjoy our website and don’t forget to tell your friends

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