Deals for Singles

Villager Eats needs some feedback. It was brought to my attention today that people who are single can not take advantage of the BOGO buy one get one deals. Of course, 2 for 1 drinks are not a problem. After all, the word out there is that we are a drinking community with a golfing problem.

Here is the problem. You can buy one meal and get one free but what are you going to do with it? What if you are not going home right away. Maybe you don’t want to eat two meals from the same restaurant. Why don’t the restaurants advertise a percentage off for buying one meal? Give me some ideas and I will share them with the restaurant owners. Again, tell everyone you paid a visit to villagereats.com.

One Comment on “Deals for Singles

  1. Great idea… it would be nice to offer a discount if you dont want the second meal

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