My favorite Mexican dish is Chicken Chipotle Enchiladas. I have been trying to make this dish since I moved from Colorado. I finally figured it out. Follow the recipe below and you will be amazed.

Chicken – use any cooked chicken you desire. The whole chickens that are already cooked at grocery stores work well but you never know what flavoring techniques they use.

You will need shredded chicken, shredded cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese and chipotles in adobe sauce and flour tortillas.

I use one large boneless skinless chicken breast cooked on a grill that I keep in the refrigerator until I’m ready to make the dish. I then shred the chicken and place it in a saucepan with 2 garlic gloves, onions and oregano with 1 cup of chicken broth. I warm it on a low flame with a lid to keep the chicken moist.

Sauce: In a blender mix 1 cup of chicken broth (from the chicken you warmed), 2 chipotles and a little of the sauce and 4oz of room temperature cream cheese. If it doesn’t look like enough sauce, add some chicken broth.

Tortillas: Warm tortillas for 10 seconds in microwave. Fill tortilla with a tablespoon of cottage cheese, shredded chicken, a little sauce and some cheese. Roll up the tortilla and place in pan. Continues this process until you have made 6 tortillas. Cover the tortillas with the sauce and cook at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.


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