Exciting new things are happening at Glenview Champion Country Club & Restaurant.

Glenview Country Club is heading in a new direction this season to ensure every customer has the greatest dining experience possible. At this moment, an outside Bar is being built so customers can sit outside on the beautiful brick patio or mosey on up to the bar and enjoy drinks and snacks. Grand Opening scheduled for December. Glenview has several BOGO specials throughout the week that don’t even require a coupon. Looking out at the beautiful golf course on a cool sunny fall day with a martini in hand is just another reminder why we love living in The Villages.

Also, Glenview along with Villager Eats is sponsoring a Holistic Wellness Luncheon Series by reservation only. It is a 4 week series every other Tuesday Starting November 17th. Call Glenview Country Club 352-753-0077 for reservations.

$22.00 (not including tax) includes presentation, lunch, a non-alcoholic beverage, a take home dessert and a goody bag.

selective focus photography of red waterlily flower in bloom

11/17/20 – Week 1 – Alternative Approaches to Health

12/1 /20 – Week 1 – Stress Reduction

12/15/20 – Week 3 – Pain Management

12/29/20 – Week 4 – Medication Management

Presented By: Mary Dieffenbach, RN, Doctor of Naturopath


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