Friends Supporting Villager Eats

Can we just talk about how important friendships are?!  Yesterday a group of friends gathered to personalize some new Villager Eats T-Shirts.  A friend of mine and her husband imprinted the shirts, and we had a blast customizing them together.   Be on the lookout for us at Lake Sumter Landing Town Square tomorrow evening (Thursday, Feb. 17) where we will be dancing the night away!  I will be stopping for a bite to eat ahead of time, and possibly taking advantage of happy hour during the breaks…any guesses where I’ll be?

If you see us make sure to say hello!  I will also have a limited number of Villager Eats refrigerator magnets to pass out.

Thanks to Gina, Zam, Kathy, Jane, Sandy & Lydia (and Venus, not pictured) for your support and friendship!

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3 Comments on “Friends Supporting Villager Eats

  1. Thank you, Debbie. I love your website and your cupcakes. Everyone I tell about your website loves it, and thanks me. Everyone that eats your cupcakes, loves them too. You have a lot of talent!

    • Thank you SO much Venus! I truly appreciate your support and friendship! 🙂

  2. This is the go to page when I have family/friends come to visit…it’s hard to tell them about everything to eat here so… I just hands them my phone…. And poof, they choose a restaurant and off we go!! Thanks for making such a helpful site💖💖

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