Reveille Coffeehouse Café

Reveille Coffeehouse Café has opened their first location in Florida here in The Villages®.  Last Wednesday the newest coffeehouse café started serving breakfast, brunch and lunch.  The menu includes a number of AHHH-MLETS, sweet deliciousness From The Griddle, Wake Up Call breakfasts, Salads and Sandwiches, The Mess Hall (from Daily Quiche to Biscuits & Gravy to Chicken Quesadilla or Shrimp & Grits and even The Kitchen Sink) and plenty of hot and cold beverages.

Outside view of the new Reveille Cafe at Magnolia Plaza in The Villages, FL

When I arrived on Saturday morning, there was a little bit of a line waiting to be seated.  However, I was able to get a seat at the counter within a few minutes – dining alone can have its benefits.  Plus, I got to chat with a fellow diner and make a new friend.  In addition to the counter, they offer indoor and outdoor seating. Although they are still in training mode, I feel this spot will be a huge hit once they find their rhythm…see what I did there?  In case you didn’t know, Reveille (rev-uh-lee) is a signal to get up and start the morning and in the military it’s a bugle call at sunrise to alert them for assembly.

What Did I Have?

The menu looked amazing to me, and I watched plenty of dishes going out to diners to help me decide.  But I ended up with the Spinach and Bacon AHHH-MLET, which comes with an English muffin and potatoes or smoked gouda grits – I’m a grits kinda girl and these were amazing in my eyes.  If you like spinach, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and bleu cheese…this omelet is for you!  I was tempted to order their Mystic Stuffed French Toast or Crème Brulee French Toast and the giant Cinnamon Swirl Cakes looked great too.  I guess I’ll need to make another trip to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Spinach and Bacon Omelet with English muffin and smoked gouda grits

Where Are They?

Reveille Coffeehouse Café is located in the Village of Marsh Bend at 2109 Everglades Lane in the Magnolia Plaza.  They have several locations in Georgia and are family-owned and operated.  Hours are 7am – 2pm daily. They don’t have a location-specific Facebook page, but you can follow their corporate page here or check out their website.  They are also listed on our Restaurants tab and will include any daily or weekly specials if/when they become available.

Leave me a comment below if you’ve been there and tell me what you had.

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