Nice To Meet You!

Hi Village Diners!

You may recall earlier this summer, Mary had posted she was looking to partner with someone to help keep the Villager Eats site up and running. Well…so I did a thing!! I have officially acquired the website VillagerEats.com and am SO excited I can’t wait to share more as the journey continues.

My name is Debi Stovicek and I’m a fairly new transplant here, but definitely no stranger to the area. My parents and extended family have been here for 18+ years and I’m amazed at the growth in the community, especially the food scene. I love all things food! Dining out, happy hour, restaurants, dessert…and of course, taking photos of delicious meals and beverages. Now I get to share that with all of you friendly folks! I cannot wait to meet y’all!!

If you are in or near The Villages, or heading here for a visit and not sure where to go, you will want to check out the site for daily dining and happy hour specials!! Stay tuned for new and updated features and events too.

Thank you Mary for all that you’ve done with this site and entrusting it to me! I promise to continue serving our diners with the best experience possible.

So come dine with me and enjoy the culinary journey along the way!! …now what’s for dinner?! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for doing this. You are a perfect person to keep us informed.

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