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Hi Village Diners!  You spoke (again) and I’m listening!  So many of you asked to have the Restaurants tab listed by geographic location instead of in alphabetical order.  Now the listing is so much easier to locate your favorite spots! 

The new format is broken down in groups by Spanish Springs™ Town Square and 42 to 441 area, Lake Sumter Landing Market Square™ and 466 to 466A area, Brownwood Paddock Square™ and 466A to 44 area, South of 44, Country Club Restaurants, and Nearby Community Favorites (just outside of The Villages®).

I have also added a few more restaurants that weren’t previously included.  The primary focus for Villager Eats is local restaurants, but there are some national franchises that offer daily specials which I decided to incorporate as well.  If you have a favorite that Is not currently listed, please let me know and I’ll get them added.  We have a few new spots that will be coming soon and I’ll make sure to let you know when they open.


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    • YES! You are the third person to recommend that one – I am adding it today.
      Thank you for the suggestion!

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